My Name Is Not Showing Up in GOrendezvous Search Page

If your name is not showing up when you are using the Find a professional function, there are several possibilities that could be the root of the problem:

  • You didn't create a location for your account
  • You didn't click on the magnifying glass icon when adding your location

You didn't add a location for your account:

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Business

3. Click on Locations

4. Click on Add Location

5. Provide display information for your location:

  • Its Name
  • The preferred Display Order, if you have multiple locations
  • Its Time Zone, if different from the time zone of your account
  • If you want the Address to be publicly visible. *This option must be switched to YES for you to appear in online search results

6. Check the appropriate boxes, either:

  • If this address is your Main Office / work location
  • If this is a Virtual Location. *Please see this link to specifically learn how to add a location that is virtual

7. Add your Civic NumberStreet Name and Unit Number (if applicable) and your Postal Code. Click on the magnifying glass icon 🔍 to automatically fill out the rest of your information as well as for the purpose of geolocating you on the map

8. Click Save

You didn't click on the magnifying glass icon when adding your location:

1. Click on Settings 

2. Click on Business 

3. Click on Locations

4. Select your location

5. Click on the magnifying glass icon 🔍

6. You can now press Save to register all changes. Your address is now being displayed in Google Maps! 🌍

*Attention!* Please note that only 1 of your locations can be displayed at the same time on GOrendezvous search page. This means that if you have 2 locations in the same city, for example, only the closest from a one straight-line distance will show up. The one appearing online will be the one which was created the most recently. 

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