Add online payments for new customers only

Add Online Payments for New Customers Only

Before adding online payments, it is best to add the taxes information.

See the following article for how to do so:

To add online payments, follow these steps :

1- Click on  Account Settings

2-  Click on  Business

3 - Click on  Online Payments

4 - Click on the Yes option to Enable Online Payments

5 - A new window will appear. Click  I understand and accept the conditions.

6- Click  Connect With Stripe. A new window will pop up. Fill in the required information.

7- Choose your currency

8- Select the desired employee

9- Click on the Yes option to Enable Online Payments for [employee name].

10- If you want your Stripe Account to be used for your employee’s transactions, leave the “Use the employee’s own Stripe Account” to the “No” option. Click on the “Yes” option if you want your employees to use their own Stripe Account.

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