Add a waiver to the online appointment booking process

It is possible to add a waiver in the online appointment booking process. The waiver will allow you to clarify your policies for your clients.

  1. To setup a waiver, follow the next steps:
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Click on Communications
  4. Then on Waivers
  5. Click on Add
  6. Give a name to your waiver (since you can create as many as you need to)
  7. Select the language you are going to write this waiver in
  8. Write the content of the waiver
  9. Select the professionals and the services you want to add the waiver to
  10. To finish, click on Save

You don't have to select the Version. If you modify the waiver, versions will increment progressively except if no client has seen the previous version (in this case, the number of the version won't change).

The client will see the waiver just after having written his / her contact info, just before confirming the appointment or just before the payment if you have activated the online payment.

The client can't go through the booking without clicking on "I have read and understood the form above and I ACCEPT".

You can see if a client accepted the waiver when going in Clients > Select the client > Waivers

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