Add tags to your clients

To add tags like "Good client", "Bad client" etc... to your clients, follow these steps:

1 - Go to Clients

2 - Select the client

3 - Click on "Edit Tags"

4 - Click on the tag you want in the drop down menu or type your own tag

5 - Click on the check mark

6 - Add as many tags as you wish

These tags will be visible on your appointments in your schedule.

Banned client:

The "Banned client" tag prevents your client from booking appointment with you online. 

If the client logs in at the beginning, he/she will not see any availabilities.

If he/she logs in at the end, the system will recognize him/her as a banned client and they will see a message saying "Sorry this is not possible at this time".

You can also write the message that you want to show these people in Account Settings > Business > Tags 

Satisfaction emoticons:

The emoticons with faces "Very disappointed", "Disappointed", "Meh", "Satisfied", "Very satisfied" show the last review made by the client (if you activated the automated review e-mail). This emoticon can thus change in time.

You can also add yourself a satisfaction emoticon, but it will maybe change after the next review of your client.

To change the name or the emoticon associated to the tag, see this article.

To apply special actions to your services thanks to tags, see this article.

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