Change the word "client" in the online booking process

It's possible to change the wording on the buttons for this online booking process step:To do that, go to:

1. Account settings

2. Promote

3. Booking sequence

You can change the wording both in French and English thanks to the drop down menu.Click on Appointment Booking to write whatever you want.

You can also choose not to show this line to your clients by unchecking the "Display to clients" box.You can do the same procedure with the "I'm a new client" and "I'm a returning client" buttons.

At least one of the two buttons must remain visible for the clients because it's not possible to skip this step of the online booking.

!!! Caution !!!

The buttons keep their function no matter what you write. It means that if you hide the button which was "I'm a new client" at the beginning, you only give access to your remaining clients.

If you hide the "I'm a returning client", all clients, both new and returning, will go through the new client button. At the end of the booking, they will give their personal information and if they are returning clients, they will be recognized by the system and it will not create a duplicate in your client files.

This feature can't be used to create a differentiation between your clients other than new vs existing clients, it only allows to change the way you call your clients.

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