Allow drop-ins

Your session has already started but your classes aren’t full? With this new functionality, you can allow your clients to drop-in and ensure a fun-filled class! Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Click on the desired date and time slot in your schedule.

2. Click on Class. If you wish to create a session for one of your existing classes, simply select the desired one. 

3. Set a Number of spots, a Drop-In Price and the Duration. You can also specify a Location and Room if needed. 

4. Select Create New Session.

5. You can then fill in a Session Name and fix a Session Price.

6. In the drop-down list of Allow drop-ins, select either Anytime or After session start.

7. Fix a Drop-In Price.

8. Click on Create.

9. Choose the timeline on which you wish to repeat your class, and click on Save.

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