Offer My Services by Videoconferencing With Zoom

Do you want to offer meetings by videoconference? GOrendezvous integrates with Zoom and Zoom for Healthcare!

To activate a Zoom service, you must first connect your Zoom account to GOrendezvous by following the steps below:

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Employees and Services

3. Select the desired employee

4. Click on Videoconferencing

5. Enable Zoom. *Don't forget to create a virtual location. Otherwise, your clients will not be able to book an appointment by videoconference

6. Read and accept the terms of use

7. For security reasons, you must put your GOrendezvous password

8. Then, you will be redirected to Zoom to either authenticate yourself or create your account

9. Once you have created your Zoom account or authenticated yourself, checks the desired checkboxes to allow videoconferencing to the appropriate services

Note that it is always possible to disconnect your Zoom account by clicking on the Disable button:

*Attention!* If you have a free Zoom account, your meetings will have a limit of 40 minutes, after which you will be automatically disconnected. In order to remedy this situation, you must subscribe to a paid plan with them.

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