COVID-19: Simplify the Management of My Clients’ Vaccine Passports

To see at a glance which client has already presented their vaccine passport, you can create a tag as a visual cue. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings

2. Then choose Business

3. Then Tags

4. Add a tag with the Label “Vaccinated” and the icon of your choice

5. Save

6. Under the Locations tab, choose your usual location

7. When: The client > does not have tag > Vaccinated → Make unavailable

8. Save and repeat for all affected physical locations

9. All you have to do is add the tag to your clients' profiles, under the Clients tab

10. Choose the client’s profile

11. Modify the tags to add “Vaccinated” once the vaccine passport verification is done

12. When a client without the “Vaccinated” tag attempts to make an appointment at this location, a message will appear telling them to contact you by phone

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