Send a satisfaction survey after appointments

To send a survey to your clients after their appointments, perform the following steps:

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Communications

3. Click on Reviews & Surveys

4. Copy and paste the link of your default survey and validate it

5. Click Yes for the Send automatically after an appointments option. Otherwise, you will have to send it manually each time

6. You can also choose whether your clients receive the survey after every appointment or if they only receive it after their first appointment, by configuring the Send once per client parameter . *Note that the survey will be sent 2 days after the appointment has taken place

7. Check the services you wish to associate with the survey indicated above

8. It is also possible to customize the survey according to the service chosen, which means that each service could therefore have its own survey link. 😊 To do so, imply enter the link in the box corresponding to the service in question, then validate it 

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