Customize emails

To customize the emails that are sent to your clients, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Account Settings 
  2. Click on Communications 
  3. Click on Email Customizations 
  4. Select the type of services (appointments or classes) 
  5. Select the desired language*  Caution: It is important not to leave to "Bllingual Texts", but to select "English" or "French" before writing the message. Otherwise, the customized message will not be adequately saved. 
  6. You can: 
    1. Add a custom message for the whole company, which will be sent to all the company's clients
    2. Add a custom message per professional. This specific message will only be sent to the clients of the selected employee. For that, select the employee.
    3. Add a custom message per service. This specific message will only be sent to the clients booking with the specific service. For that, select the service. 
  7. Click on Preview to see what the message will look like in the email
  8. Click on Save 

*Do not forget to set the appropriate language of communication to each client, so that they can receive their emails in the right language. Click  here for the step-by-step guide.

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