Set the Language of Communication for Each Client

To set the language of communication for each client, perform the following steps:

1. Click on Clients 

2. Choose the list you want 

3. Select the desired client

4. Click on Client information 

5. Under the Client information tab, scroll down and you will see the option Preferred Communication Language. Choose the language you want to use to communicate with your client, either English or French. From now on, customers will receive text messages and emails in the selected language 

7. Click on Save 

If it is the professional who adds a new appointment to the schedule:

The language of communication in the client file will be that of the professional who created this file. For example, if the clinic secretary created the client file and her account is configured in French, but the client is English-speaking, if she does not manually change the preferred communication language in his client profile, he will therefore receive his confirmation email in French.

If it is the client who makes an appointment online by himself:

We will assume that his preferred language matches the language:

  • of his internet browser and/or device via which he is connected
  • through which he consults his professional's home page when making an appointment. *The display can be modified either in French or in English, by clicking on the top right of the screen

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