Send an Email to All of My Clients at the Same Time

Here's how you can send a mass email to all of your customers at the same time:

Have all the email addresses of your clients on hand:

  • In GOrendezvous, you must export your client list to access the list of email addresses of all your clients
  • This export will create an Excel/Sheet file with several columns, such as email addresses, birthdays, date of last appointment, etc. You can also use filters to select only part of your customers
Depending on the quantity of recipients, it is also possible to send an email to everyone from your usual email inbox. In this case, you must enter the email addresses in the "Bcc" field to hide the recipients. 

Send an email to all your customers via a platform like Mailchimp:

There are several email marketing providers that you can use to send an email to all of your customers (until GOrendezvous offers this feature in the future πŸ˜‰)
We suggest to use Mailchimp since it's user-friendly and offers a free plan if you send a message to less than 2000 contacts. * Scroll down the page, if you already have a Mailchimp account

1. Visit the website

2. At the top right on the page, click the Sign Up Free button. Follow the steps to activate your account 3. Once your account is activated, you will be able to choose an email template. For example, you could choose a basic template like "Basic 1 Column"

4. On the left side, you have an overview of the email. This is where you can navigate through the different blocks of your email (logo, text, etc.) On the right side, you have the different options to modify the content of your email. It is therefore on the right side that you can add your logo or write your text

5. Once you have finished personalizing your email, click Continue at the top left
6. It is from this page that you can import the email addresses of your clients by clicking on Edit Recipients 7. You can choose the Copy/Paste from file option. So, from your Excel/Sheet file, you can select the information you want to copy, then paste it into Mailchimp

8. Go back to your Excel/Sheet file to copy all the rows and columns you want. For example, email address, name, etc.

9. Paste your data all at once in the section provided for this purpose on Mailchimp

10. Complete the following steps: confirm that the data is correctly associated with the correct fields, create a subject line to your email, etc. 

11. Click on Send at the top right when you are ready to send your email

If you already have a Mailchimp account, you can send a new email directly from the top menu by clicking on Create > Email πŸ™‚

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