​Send a Thank You Email - Reviews & Ratings

Send a Thank You Email - Reviews & Ratings

To let your clients submit reviews and ratings on your services after an appointment , follow these steps :

1- Click on Account and Settings

2 - Click on Client Communications

3 - Click on Reviews and Surveys

4 - Make the following choices :

  • To give your clients the chance to submit an evaluation after every appointment, select the option Send automatically after an appointment. The day after the appointment, your client will automatically receive a thank you email asking them to rate and review the service provided.*
  • You can also choose to only ask for one review per client by selecting the option Allow only one review per client. When your client rates and comments your service, he does not receive Thank You email anymore

* option not available for free accounts

You have the option to publish the client ratings and/or reviews on your GOrendezvous page.

1 - Click on Account Settings

2- Click on Publish and Promote

3 - Click on Ratings and Reviews

4 - Choose whether you want to publish client ratings* and client reviews2.jpg

*option not available for free accounts

The day after an appointment, clients will receive the following thank you email.3.jpg

When the client submits their rating, you will receive a notification email.


If you chose to publish ratings and reviews, they will be shown on your GOrendezvous page and the GOrendezvous search page as pictured below.  

It is important to know, that it is currently not possible to manually remove reviews.

tony hill 2.jpgtony hill.jpg

Change a rating or a review

You client is the only person who can alter his or her rating and review. The client has a 24 hours window to change their rating and/or review and they can do so by opening the original thank you email and clicking on the stars.


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