Add Online Payments

First of all, before adding online payments, please make sure to add your taxes information.

To be able to take credit card payments, we use a platform called Stripe. Don't worry, your customers don't need to create a Stripe account to make a payment. They will simply have to enter their credit card number. 😉

To add online payments, follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Business

3. Click on Online Payments

4. Click on Yes for Enable Online Payments

5. A new window will appear. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions. After, click on I understand and accept the conditions

6. Then, click on Connect With Stripe

7. A new window will open. Please enter your login information to activate your account. *The email address and password requested are the ones you use to access your GOrendezvous account

Once your Stripe account is connected:

8. Choose your preferred currency

9. Select the employee(s) for whom you want to enable online payment

10. Click on Yes for Enable Online Payments for [employee name]. Choose whether or not to use your employee's Stripe account. *If you do not choose to use your employee's account, then payments will be recorded in the Stripe account previously activated for the entire company in steps 6-7

11. To apply the same payment options to all services, click on the Apply to All shortcut

12. Select if the services are taxable or not by checking the necessary checkboxes

13. From the drop-down menu, select if you would like to:

  • Don't ask any payment at booking
  • Include an optional payment link in the confirmation email 
  • Ask for a credit card only
  • Ask a 10% to 90% deposit
  • Ask a 100% deposit (i.e. the full payment)

14. From the drop-down menu below, you can also select if the payment is refundable or not, and if so, how long in advance

*Please note that it can take a couple of days for payments taken by Stripe to be deposited into the bank account that you have associated with your Stripe account.

* Also, it is important to know that we initially limit deposits to a maximum of $ 250 per transaction. If you would like to increase this limit, please forward your request to our Customer Service team at

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