Payment by card in your point of sale

To charge a client’s credit card for an appointment at your point of sale, follow these steps:

1- Click on the appointment
2- Click Payments
3- Click on Pay Now

payment online appointment

4- Select whether the client will be using a card saved on file or with a new credit card. 

payment type

Having the option to save a card on file is only available with a paid GOrendezvous plan. You will have to call us at 1-866-463-8381 in order to activate this feature. A credit card is saved for a client after a payment was made from another appointment, if they paid a deposit or has given their credit card info when booking the appointment.*

5- If you chose "Use new credit card", enter the amount and then the credit card information.

6-  Click on Pay

7- Your Stripe payment will appear once the payment is completed

8 - Your client receives a receipt when the transaction is done

* You can require a client to provide their credit card number at booking when they book an appointment online. This will not process a payment but merely save the credit card information in Stripe. This can facilitate the payment process during the appointment and also be applied to cancellation fees if a client cancels. To be able to activate this feature you need to contact us to request it be activated. Once activated you can follow the steps below:

ask for credit card at booking

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