Payment by card in your point of sale

To charge a client’s credit card for an appointment at your point of sale, follow these steps:

1- Click on  the appointment

2- Click on  Details

3- Click on  Pay Now

4- Choose if you want to use an already registered credit card for the client or if you want to use another card.

This feature of registered credit card is only available for paying accounts. You will have to call us at 1-866-463-8381 in order to activate this feature.

A credit card is registered for a client once he/she has already paid by card during a previous appointment, if he/she paid a deposit or if he/she has given his/her credit card info when booking the appointment.*

5- If you chose "Use new credit card", enter the amount to pay and then the credit card info of your client

6-  Click on Pay

7- Your Stripe payment will appear once the payment is completed

8 - Your client receives a receipt when the transaction is done

* It is possible to ask the client to give his/her credit card info when booking the appointment online. This will not induce a payment but you will have the credit card info, which will facilitate the payment once on the point of sale and you will be able to apply your cancellation policies as well. You first have to contact us in order to activate this feature.

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