To activate the Tips feature, you just need to set it up in your parameters for every employee receiving tips for their services. Just follow these simple steps: 

1. Click on Account Settings 

2. Click on Employees & Services 

3. Click on Options

4. Activate the option Enable adding tips with payments 

Please note that this feature requires to connect a Stripe account as well as set up online payments. 

What you need to know!

Option 1: Credit card on file (or one you are entering manually)

  • We automatically send a receipt by email to your clients, they will have the opportunity to give you a tip directly thanks to their receipt.

Option 2: Cash...or something else

  • When your clients give you cash, you need to enter the amount received and send their receipt manually.
  • Your clients will receive everything by email/text message and they will be able to give you a tip by credit card.

Option 3: Unpaid bills

  • If you want your clients to pay you online, you can send the invoice by email or text message.
  • Your clients will also be able to add a tip and pay by credit card.

Option 4: Virtual Terminal on the web app

  • Click on “Virtual Terminal” on the web app (available on the native app really soon)
  • Give your phone to your client, showing the bill that needs to be paid. We will give your client the option to add a tip and pay by credit card.

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