How to See my Revenue Report

You can generate your revenue report and filter it by invoice, by service/product and by payment mode. Here is how:

1. Click on Billing on the left

2. Click on Revenue at the top

3. Filter your report:

A. By Invoice* already created

Here, we will look for all the invoices dating from the choice made in (D).

B. By Service or Product*

Here, we are looking for income on the date of the service rendered and not on the date of the invoice. For example, if at (D) you choose the date of April 1st, and that a service is rendered on April 1st and another on April 2nd, the income report by service or product will only take into account the service rendered on April 1st.

Note that taxes are not displayed in this list. Why? Since an invoice can now contain several services, the taxes are calculated on the total of the invoice and not on each individual service. Therefore, there may be a few cents of difference, depending on the scenario following the accounting logic.

C. By Payment Mode*

Here, we are looking for income according to the payment date indicated in (D), regardless of the date of the invoice. For example, if you choose the date April 2nd, the revenue report by payment mode will show $0 if the payment actually took place on April 3rd, even if your invoice is dated April 2nd.

D. Select the desired date or timeframe

E. You can see invoices produced for all locations, or by a specific location

F. You can see the invoices produced by all professionals, or by a particular professional

G. You can see all invoices produced for all customers, or for a specific customer

H. Click Export to export the report to an Excel file, Print to print it or save it as a PDF file and the rotating arrow ico n to refresh the data

4. Click on the invoice icon to open the selected invoice

*Note that the report will contain all invoices that have been created and haven't been cancelled

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