Discover the New Billing

Historically, we have used the concept of payment attached to an appointment. We decided to change this approach for the concept of invoicing, that is to say, the possibility of putting several appointments, items and a date attached to an invoice.

Here is a summary of the changes regarding the new billing:

The name of the Payments tab has been changed to Billing

Before the option to create a new Invoice is definitely moved to the bottom right corner, we'll find it at both places:

The option to create the Receipt is now located at the right of the invoice:

It is no longer possible to modify an appointment price directly in the appointment window. Instead, you must click on Invoice, then select the pencil icon located to the left of the service name: *To learn the new process, please click here

Here is where you can now refresh a client's total balance, under the Billing tab:

You can now add multiple appointments on the same invoice!: *Please click here to know how 

When generating your revenue report by clicking on the printer icon at the top left corner of your agenda, it will now bring you directly to the new Billing menu:

In this new Billing menu, you'll find 5 tabs: 

  • Revenue: to generate your revenue report
  • Invoices: to retrieve all invoices created to date
  • Transactions: to see all transactions made on a certain date or timeframe, or by a certain client
  • Insurance: for the upcoming TELUS eClaims functionality
  • Settings: to personalize your invoices 

You can now filter your revenue report by client: *For more information about everything's that changed in the revenue report, please read this article

All your clientโ€™s invoices are now conveniently grouped under the same tab:

See all transactions grouped under the same tab as well!:

Personalize the Invoice Number Format and write a Default Invoice Note in French and in English, which will appear on your client's invoice, depending on the language preference indicated in their client profile: *For a more detailed article regarding this subject, please click here

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