Customize My Invoice

We're now offering different options to customize your invoice:

  • Add your logo
  • Choose the numbering format for your invoices
  • Add notes
  • You can also reset clients balances to 0$
Here is an example:

Here are the steps to follow in order to modify these informations:

1. Click on Billing in the left menu
2. Select the Settings tab
3. You have access to different possibilities for the  Invoice Number Format, namely:
  • [yyyy]-[000007] For example: 2022-000080
  • [yyyy]-[7] For example: 2022-80
  • [000007] For example: 000080
  • [7] For example: 80
4. You can include a Default Invoice Note, which will be displayed at the bottom of the invoice in French or English, depending on your customer's language. *If you don't know how to change your customer's preferred communication language, click on this link
5. You can reset all clients of the business's balances to 0$ by selecting to Calculate client balances starting on the desired date

*The logo added on your invoice will be the one added in your Settings > Promote > Home Page. It will automatically be visible on your invoice. To know how to modify it, please follow these steps

** Note that the customization of the invoice will apply to all employees of the account

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